Level 1

This level features up to 34, 100-120 watt lamps. Many tanners find these beds to be effective for developing a base tan. With quality tanning lamps specifically designed to bronze, these beds are a terrific value. 32-38 lamp bed. 15-20 minute tan time.

level-11Level 2 – Bed/ Stand-up

SUNSOURCE Vhr – The unit features 16-160 watt canopy lamps and 16-100 watt bench lamps. 12 minute tan time.



252 ERGOLINE STAND UP – The 252 unit features 52-200 watt tanning lamps for that all around tan and eliminates the pressure points. 12 minute tan time.


SOLTRON FLIRTS – The SOLTRON FLIRTS feature 20-160 watt canopy lamps, 20-120 watt base lamps and 3-400 watt high pressure facials. 15 minute tan time.


SOLTRON HOT PEPPER –  The soltron hot pepper features 38-160/140 watt body lamps and 3-500 watt facials. 12-15 minute tan time.


Level 3 

KBL 6800 – The KBL 6800 is cutting edge tanningtechnology with 52 lamps 4-500 watt facials, 2-250 watt shoulder lamps. The KBL 6800 also features aqua mist, aroma therapy, and mp3 plug for your personal music. 10 minute tan time.

ERGOLINE-1100ERGOLINE 1100 – The ERGOLINE 1100 features 52 Dynamic Power 200-Watt UV Lamps, 4 Ultra Performance 520-Watt facial tanners with 3 UV-B spaghetti lamps and high-pressure shoulder tanners.Aqua Mist AndAroma for refreshing relaxation. The unit also has a docking station for your mp3 player or phone. 10 minute tan time.


ERGOLINE-850Level 4

ERGOLINE 850 -The ERGOLINE 850 is equipped with 20-520 watt high pressure lamps in the canopy and 19-160 watt  vhr reflector lamps in the base. The 850 give you the perfect mix of high pressure and vhr tanning for a that superior tan. 12 minute tan time.

S-CLASSS-CLASS – The s-class tanning unit features 57 total lamps.50- 160 watt reflector lamps,and 3-1000 watt facials,2-400 watt facials,and 2-400 watt shoulder lamps. 12 minute tan time.

Level 5 

ERGOLINE 1050 – The open sun 1050 bed features 30 high pressure tanning lamps that will help you achieve that deep dark tan  and allows you to tan less often and maintain your best color. 12 minute tan time.

MATRIXMATRIX L33 – The matrix L33 features 33 high pressure lamps that help you achieve that deep dark tan  and allows you to tan less often and maintain your best color. 12-15 minute tan time.



VERSA SPA TAN – UV-Free spray on tanning booth is designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each customer based on their body size, skin type, and desired color. A perfectly uniform, natural-looking tan in less than 60 seconds!

Equipment may vary by location.